11 Hawaiian Words You Need to Know: Essential Vocabulary for Your Trip to Hawaii

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As you embark on your journey to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some common Hawaiian words and phrases. Learning a few basic terms will not only help you communicate with locals but also deepen your understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. In this blog post, we will introduce you to ten popular Hawaiian words that are incredibly useful for tourists visiting the islands.

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1. Aloha (ah-LOH-hah):

Let’s start with the most famous Hawaiian word of all – Aloha! It’s a greeting that encapsulates the spirit of love, peace, and compassion. Aloha is used to say hello and goodbye, but it also conveys a deeper sense of connection and respect for others. You’ll often hear locals say “Aloha!” when they greet you, so be sure to return the sentiment with a warm smile and a heartfelt “Aloha!”

2. Mahalo (mah-HAH-loh):

Another essential word you will frequently encounter in Hawaii is “Mahalo,” which means thank you. Expressing gratitude is an integral part of Hawaiian culture, so don’t hesitate to say “Mahalo” to show appreciation to the locals, whether for a delicious meal, excellent service or simply for their warm hospitality. Sometimes Aloha can be interchanged with Mahalo, but not vice versa.

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3. Ohana (oh-HAH-nah):

In Hawaiian culture, Ohana means family, but it extends beyond biological relatives. Ohana represents a broader sense of community, including close friends and even those who are like family to you. Embrace the spirit of Ohana during your stay in Hawaii, and you will experience the genuine warmth and welcoming nature of the Hawaiian people.

4. Hau’oli (how-OH-lee):

Derived from the Hawaiian word for happiness, Hau’oli represents joy and contentment. Use this word to express your delight and convey your happiness during your adventures in Hawaii. Whether enjoying a breathtaking sunset or exploring the vibrant marine life, don’t hesitate to exclaim, “Hau’oli!”

5. Pono (POH-noh):

Pono is a Hawaiian word that signifies balance, righteousness, responsibility, and harmony. It encourages individuals to live with integrity and to make morally right choices. While you’re in Hawaii, take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of the islands and strive to be pono in your interactions with the environment and the people around you.

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6. Lei (LAY):

A lei is a traditional Hawaiian garland made of flowers, leaves, or even shells. Giving and receiving leis is an important cultural practice in Hawaii. It symbolizes love, respect, and celebration. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a beautiful lei upon your arrival or presented with one on special occasions. Wearing a lei is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the Hawaiian spirit and feel like a true islander.

7. Pupu (POO-poo):

When it is time to indulge in some delectable appetizers or finger foods, you will often come across the term “pupu” on menus in Hawaii. Pupus are the Hawaiian version of appetizers, featuring a variety of delicious bites that are perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own. Be sure to sample some local pupu delicacies during your culinary adventures.

8. Mauka (MOW-kah) and Makai (mah-KAI):

When navigating the islands of Hawaii, you will often hear the terms “mauka” and “makai.” Mauka means “toward the mountains” or “inland,” while makai means “toward the ocean” or “seaward.” These directional words are crucial for understanding directions and locations on the islands. Whether you are asking for directions or exploring the natural wonders of Hawaii, knowing the difference between mauka and makai will help you find your way around.

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9. Kama’aina (kah-mah-EYE-nah):

The term “kama’aina” refers to a long-term resident or a local of Hawaii. While you may be a visitor to the islands, it’s important to recognize and respect the local community. By embracing the aloha spirit and showing respect for the kama’aina, you will foster positive interactions and create meaningful connections during your stay in Hawaii.

10. Lani (LAH-nee):

Lani translates to “heaven” or “sky” in Hawaiian. You’ll often come across this word as part of place names or descriptions throughout the islands. With Hawaii’s stunning landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and mesmerizing star-filled skies, it’s no wonder the word “lani” holds such significance. Take the time to appreciate the heavenly beauty surrounding you and feel the connection between the land and the sky.

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11. Keiki (KEI-ki)

In Hawaiian, the word “keiki” means child or children. The islands of Hawaii are known for their strong emphasis on family, and children, or keiki, play a vital role in Hawaiian culture. You will often see the term “keiki-friendly” used to describe attractions, accommodations, and activities suitable for children or “keiki menu” in restaurants.

Congratulations! You now have a solid understanding of ten essential Hawaiian words that will enhance your experience as a visitor to Hawaii. Remember to embrace the aloha spirit, express gratitude with “Mahalo,” and acknowledge the importance of Ohana and the local community. Keep an eye out for leis, indulge in pupus, and explore the islands with a sense of balance and respect embodied by Pono.

As you navigate your way through Hawaii, remember the directional cues of mauka and makai, allowing you to discover the wonders both inland and toward the ocean. And as you witness the breathtaking landscapes and celestial beauty of the islands, cherish the word “lani” and the heavenly connection between the land and the sky.

By incorporating these ten words into your vocabulary, you will not only enhance your communication skills but also deepen your appreciation for the Hawaiian culture and its people. Let the spirit of Aloha guide you on your journey, creating lasting memories and meaningful connections during your stay in this tropical paradise.

So pack your bags, learn these essential Hawaiian words, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the enchanting islands of Hawaii. Aloha!


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