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A-Bay sunrise

The Big Island of Hawaii is a picturesque paradise. With its stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and breathtaking vistas, this volcanic wonderland offers many opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture unforgettable moments. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply an avid traveler with a camera in hand, this guide will take you through some of the most alluring photo spots on the island. From ancient fish ponds to majestic summit views, let’s explore the best places to capture the essence of the Big Island.

Mauna Lani Fish Ponds

Mauna Lani Fish Ponds

Our photographic journey begins at the historic Mauna Lani Fish Ponds. Located on the Kohala Coast at Mauna Lani Resort, these ancient fishponds showcase a remarkable example of Hawaiian aquaculture dating back centuries. These intricate ponds were ingeniously designed to trap and raise fish, providing sustenance to the native Hawaiians. Today, the area offers a glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage and a splendid opportunity for photography.

As you wander around the fish ponds, be prepared to capture stunning reflections of palm trees and volcanic rocks in the still waters. The golden rays of the Hawaiian sun at sunrise or sunset add a magical touch to your photographs. Remember to focus your lens on the abundant wildlife that inhabits the ponds, including colorful fish and graceful waterbirds.

There are beautiful spots where you can capture the ponds and ocean behind them simultaneously, with different colors of water and trees’ reflections. The best time to go there is in the morning.

Spencer Beach Park

Next on our list is the captivating Spencer Beach Park, an ideal spot for beach lovers and photography enthusiasts alike. Located on the picturesque Kohala Coast, just north of the resorts, this serene beach boasts pristine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, making it a paradise for landscape photographers.

The early morning light casts a warm glow on the beach, making it a perfect time to capture those ethereal sunrise shots. As the day progresses, the beach becomes a hub of activity, with families enjoying picnics, swimmers taking a dip in the ocean, and locals playing beach volleyball. Use your camera to freeze these moments and tell the story of a day at Spencer Beach.

Anae’hoomalu Beach (A-Bay)

Nestled on the sunny Kohala Coast, at the heart of Waikoloa Beach Resort, Anae’hoomalu Beach, affectionately known as A-Bay, is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable photography experience. This pristine beach offers a postcard-perfect setting with its long stretch of golden sand, swaying palm trees, and calm, turquoise waters.

For photographers, A-Bay provides many opportunities to capture the beauty of Hawaii’s coastline. The early morning light bathes the beach in soft hues, creating a tranquil atmosphere ideal for capturing sunrise shots. As the day progresses, the vibrant colors of the ocean and the cloud-dappled sky present the perfect backdrop for beach scenes and landscape shots.

Beyond its scenic beauty, A-Bay offers a range of water activities that make for great action shots. Kayakers, paddleboarders, and snorkelers can often be seen enjoying the inviting waters, presenting opportunities for dynamic and engaging photographs.

One of the unique features of A-Bay is the row of ancient royal fishponds adjacent to the beach. These historical ponds, known as Kalahuipua’a Fishponds, are a testament to Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage and make for interesting subject matter in your photography.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot Hawaiian green sea turtles sunbathing on the rocks or swimming gracefully in the shallows. Remember to maintain a respectful distance and avoid disturbing these protected creatures.

As the day comes to a close, A-Bay’s sunsets are nothing short of magical. The fiery hues reflecting off the water and casting long shadows on the beach create a romantic and visually striking scene, perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments.

Mauna Kea Summit Sunset

Mauna Kea Summit

For those seeking a more adventurous photo spot, a journey to the summit of Mauna Kea is an absolute must. Rising majestically to an elevation of over 13,000 feet, Mauna Kea offers unparalleled panoramic views of the island. The summit is home to some of the world’s most advanced astronomical observatories, making it a prime destination for stargazing and astrophotography.

While the drive to the summit is awe-inspiring in itself, be aware that the high altitude can pose challenges, so it’s essential to be prepared and dress warmly. As you reach the top, the sprawling lava fields silhouetted against the sky create a mesmerizing scene. Capture the Milky Way stretching across the heavens or experiment with long exposure shots to capture the movement of the stars against the dark canvas of the night sky.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Nature enthusiasts and macro photographers will find their bliss at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. Located on the lush Hamakua Coast, this garden showcases a vast collection of tropical plants, flowers, and waterfalls, all nestled in a verdant rainforest.

As you stroll through the garden’s meandering paths, be prepared to be enchanted by the vibrant colors and delicate textures. The garden’s highlights include rare orchids, towering bamboo groves, and picturesque bridges over streaming waterfalls. Photographers can experiment with capturing intricate details or zooming out for sweeping shots of the garden’s natural wonders.

Waipio Valley Lookout

Akaka Falls State Park

Continuing our exploration of the island’s waterfalls, Akaka Falls State Park is a photographer’s dream come true. A short hike through lush rainforest foliage leads you to the breathtaking Akaka Falls, plummeting 442 feet into a gorge below. The sight and sound of the cascading water will leave you in awe, and your camera will undoubtedly be busy capturing this natural wonder from various angles.

The dense vegetation surrounding the falls creates a natural frame for your photographs, adding depth and beauty to your shots. Try using a slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the water as it gracefully falls into the pool below. The park also offers opportunities to photograph the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this tropical paradise.

Waipio Valley Lookout

Prepare yourself for a photography expedition to the enchanting Waipio Valley Lookout. Located on the northeastern coast of the island, this vantage point offers breathtaking views of the verdant valley, steep cliffs, and the majestic Pacific Ocean beyond.

As you peer through your camera lens, the lush green valley stretches out before you, dotted with taro fields and waterfalls. The contrast between the lush valley floor and the towering cliffs creates a scene that seems almost surreal. The late afternoon light casts striking shadows, adding drama to your landscape photographs.

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

No photo journey on the Big Island is complete without visiting the iconic Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. Situated on the southern coast, this unique beach is famous for its jet-black sand, created by the volcanic activity that has shaped the island’s landscape.

The dark sand creates a stark contrast against the azure waters and often provides an excellent backdrop for capturing portraits of sea turtles basking in the sun. Punalu’u is a nesting ground for these gentle giants, so exercising caution and respecting their space is essential. With patience and a keen eye, you can capture incredible shots of these ancient creatures against the striking black canvas of the beach.

Pololu Valley Lookout

For adventurous souls seeking a more off-the-beaten-path photo spot, Pololu Valley Lookout offers a rugged and dramatic landscape on the island’s northern coast. A short hike from the lookout point takes you down into the valley, where you’ll be surrounded by lush vegetation, cliffs, and a black sand beach.

As you descend into the valley, the sweeping views of the coastline and the vast Pacific Ocean unfurl before you, creating a sense of awe and wonder. The ever-changing weather conditions offer opportunities for capturing moody and atmospheric shots, while the powerful waves crashing against the cliffs add dynamism to your photographs.

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Hapuna Beach is a gem of the Kohala Coast, offering visitors a perfect blend of relaxation and photography opportunities. With its vast expanse of white sand and crystal-clear waters, this beach is ideal for capturing serene seascapes and action-packed shots of water sports enthusiasts.

Sunsets at Hapuna Beach are particularly mesmerizing, with the sky ablaze in a spectrum of colors, providing a stunning backdrop for silhouette shots or romantic beach portraits. Remember to capture the playful dolphins that occasionally appear offshore, adding an extra touch of magic to your beachside photography.

Volcanoes National Park

A visit to the Big Island would only be complete with exploring the incredible Volcanoes National Park. This dynamic landscape is a treasure trove for photography, showcasing the raw power of volcanic forces.

The park offers opportunities to photograph an active volcano, glowing lava flows, and the ethereal beauty of lava tubes and craters. Be sure to check with the park rangers for safety information and to find the best vantage points for photographing the volcanic activity.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a paradise for photographers, offering an extraordinary array of natural wonders to capture and immortalize through the lens. From ancient fish ponds to volcanic summits, from lush rainforests to black sand beaches, the diversity of landscapes on the island provides an endless canvas for photographers to express their creativity.

As you embark on your photography journey across the Big Island, remember to respect the environment and the local culture. Take only memories and leave only footprints, ensuring these breathtaking locations remain preserved for generations.

Before you set out on your photography adventure, here are some essential tips to enhance your experience:

Timing is Key: The lighting conditions during sunrise and sunset are magical on the Big Island. The golden hour offers soft, warm light that adds depth and a touch of enchantment to your photographs. Additionally, the dark skies at night make it an excellent destination for stargazing and astrophotography.

Pack Accordingly: Hawaii’s weather can change quickly, especially as you move between different microclimates on the island. Be sure to pack layers, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and bug repellent to make the most of your photo excursions.

Respect Wildlife: Hawaii is home to various unique and protected species. If you encounter wildlife during your photography outings, maintain a safe distance and avoid disturbing their natural behavior.

Capture Local Culture: The Big Island has a rich cultural heritage that can be beautifully represented through photography. Don’t hesitate to capture traditional ceremonies, hula performances, and other cultural events, but always ask for permission if photographing individuals.

Experiment with Techniques: While capturing classic postcard shots is rewarding, feel free to experiment with different photography techniques. Long exposures for waterfalls, macro photography for tropical flowers, and unique angles can add an artistic touch to your portfolio.

Seek Local Advice: The island is home to experienced photographers and guides who can provide valuable insights and tips for the best photo spots. Engage with the local photography community or join photography tours to maximize your photo opportunities.

Practice Aloha Spirit: Embrace the Aloha spirit, which goes beyond just saying “hello” and “goodbye.” It means treating the land, the people, and the culture with respect, kindness, and warmth. Connect with the locals and learn about the island’s history and traditions to enrich your photography experience.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a true photographer’s paradise, offering an abundance of stunning landscapes and unique photo opportunities. From the ancient fish ponds to the volcanic summits, each location presents a chance to capture the island’s beauty in its purest form. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just starting, the Big Island’s natural wonders will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

So pack your camera gear, set your compass to adventure, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the Big Island. Let the spirit of aloha guide your lens as you capture moments that will forever remind you of this tropical paradise. Happy photographing!

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