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Hawaii is rich with myths and legends, passed down by storytellers from generation to generation. From the flowers to the lava rocks, there is a story behind nearly everything here.

The legend of Lehua and Ohia

For example, do you know why you should never pluck the bright red lehua blossom from the ohia tree? Legend tells us of two young lovers – Ohia and Lehua. The Hawaiian fire goddess, Pele, wanted Ohia for herself, but when he refused her, Pele turned him into a tree. Lehua was heartbroken, and other gods felt sorrow for her, so they turned her into the beautiful lehua flower and placed her in the tree, so the lovers could stay together forever. Now, if you separate a blossom from the tree, legend says even clear, sunny skies will turn dark and rain as Lehua mourns her separation from Ohia.

The legend of Naupaka

Another favorite legend also involves two young lovers, Naupaka and Kaui, who were forbidden to marry. Upon their separation – one to the mountain, one to the beach – Naupaka took a flower from her hair and ripped it in half, giving one part of it to Kaui and keeping the other for herself. Today, you will find two varieties of the Naupaka plant, one growing near the sea, the other in the mountain, each blooming as half flowers. When placed together, they form a perfect flower. It is said that the lovers can be reunited when the two flowers are joined together after they have been picked.

Tales of the menehune

Children especially love the tales of the menehune, little people who live in Hawaii’s forests and valleys and hide from humans. It is said they completed incredible projects, like the Menehune Fish Pond and Menehune Ditch on Kauai. And if anything goes missing or something unexplained happens, just blame it on the menehune!

The curse of Pele

One of the most important tales to know is Pele’s curse, which says that visitors will suffer terrible luck if they take lava rock or sand from the island. There are countless stories of visitors sending these souvenirs back to Hawaii after bad luck followed them home. Better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend you leave the rocks and sand where you find them during your visit.

Tell us your favorite tale

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Images courtesy of David Eickoff, Makuahine Pa’i Ki’i and Joel.


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